Brazilian Buttock-Lift

BBL is a method of Fat Transfer to make buttocks look firm

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What is Brazilian Buttock-Lift?

Moreover, modern fashion reveals more body parts, making us more aware of our imperfections, however slight

Yet another factor driving women to visit cosmetic surgeons for such surgeries is actually too much working out and athletics. Some women are so physically fit that they have lost almost all the fat from their buttocks, making them too flat.

Who is a candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure?

People who:

  • Older women generally want to bulk up their deflating buttocks.
  • Younger women want a rounder shape and firmness for their buttocks.

Intended Result of Brazilian Butt Lift

  • Firm and more curvy butts.
  • Better aesthetic outline of body.

Procedure Description

  • A Brazilian Butt Lift involves harvesting fat from more fleshy areas of the body such as love handles, lower tummy, side of the thighs with Liposuction Surgery and replanting it in the buttocks, a technique known as Fat Injection.
  • Fat can even be harvested from the sides of the buttocks to make the Patient’s rear end narrower while making the peak of the butt more pronounced.
  • Of course, the outcome of the procedure depends on the Patient’s wishes, the surgeon’s experience and the Patient’s anatomy which will be either round, square V or A shaped bottoms.
  • Cost of Brazilian Butt lift varies from 110000 ₹ to 160000₹ depending upon augmentation size.

Recuperation and Healing

  • Initial mild discomfort is easily controlled with oral medication.
  • Bruising may appear and stay at least a week or two. Swelling disappears progressively over several weeks.

Brazilian Butt Lift Versus Silicone Butt Implants

Prior to the Brazilian butt lift procedure; doctors were using silicone implants to reshape the buttocks. These implants had their share of risks and complications, and the results often didn’t look natural. But the Brazilian butt lift surgery offers many benefits over silicone implants, including:

  • A more natural appearance - The Brazilian butt lift uses the patient’s own fatty deposits to reshape the buttocks, resulting in a more natural appearance.
  • Less painful recovery - The Brazilian butt lift is less painful than butt implant surgery and is the smart choice for patients worried about painful and long recoveries.
  • Minimal scarring - The Brazilian butt lift produces less scars; women are able to wear bikinis without Visible Scars.
  • No implant-related complications - Complications from silicone implants include leakage, ruptures and hardening of the implant. These complications are avoided with the Brazilian butt lift.
  • Rounder, larger buttocks - The Brazilian butt lift allows doctors to create larger, fuller buttocks than with silicone implants.



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