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Blemish free, flawless skin seems like far fetched dream for many.

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What is Mole/Wart/ Cyst Surgery?

With the Mole, Cyst, Wart or Skin Tag Removal, you can achieve that dream of flaunting a beautiful, flawless and radiant Skin.

After understanding your requirement and examining your skin imperfection, the Plastic Surgeon will give you a Topical Anesthesia.

Once the affected area is numb, laser, RF Cautery or Scalpel is used to treat the Mole, Cyst, Wart or Skin Tag.

Removal of Mole, Cyst, Wart or Skin Tag is a simple and quick procedure.

What the Procedure Involves

  • Most lesions are removed using a scalpel under Local Anesthetic, which means you will be awake, but the area will be completely numb.
  • Other techniques include applying chemical treatments or freezing the skin. Sometimes a laser is used to destroy the lesion while skin tags may be simply snipped off with surgical scissors.
  • Cost of Skin Treatment in Ahmedabad India varies from 1500 ₹ to 20000 ₹ depending upon Number, Size, Location of Mole Wart Skin Tags .

Why should I consider Mole Removal?

Skin lesion Like Mole, Wart, Cyst or Skin Tag, they can be removed with a simple laser or RF procedure.

One should consider the procedure, if they are unsightly, painful, increasing in size or becoming darker in color.

If You have just become fed up with it and decided to get it removed, it is time to contact Adorn Cosmetic Clinic, Ahmedabad Gujarat ( Satellite ).



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ADORN has delivered finest Mole/Wart/ Cyst Surgery results to Clients not only from Gujarat like Rajkot Surat Baroda Mehsana but also from various cities of India like Mumbai Delhi Jaipur Bagluru Indore and from countries like UK USA Australia Kenya Dubai.


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